Whoever said history has to be boring?! Explore the life, death, and legacy of 35th President John F. Kennedy at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Encounter landmarks of American history and dive deeper into the memory of a nation alongside over 45,000 artifacts and numerous interactive multimedia exhibits that paint a picture of President Kennedy and the life and culture of 1960s-era Dallas.

After exploring inside, discover the surrounding area with an interactive tour of Dealey Plaza—one of five National Historic Landmark Districts in the state, the former site of Dallas’s founder John Neely Bryan’s first cabin from the 1840’s, and long hailed as the “front doors of Dallas.” Other sites to see while in Dealey Plaza include the red sandstone Old Dallas County Courthouse and the Kennedy Memorial which stands at over 30 foot high. For a bite to eat head over to Ellen’s for all-day brunch or Chimalma Taco Bar for some modern Mexican food.