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Category: Eat and Drink

Eat and Drink

BBQ Trails

Regular ol’ summer BBQs have officially met their match because Richardson has some of the best Texas BBQ restaurants in the area (and we don’t joke around when it comes to smoked meats and delicious sides). So come with an empty stomach, and join us…

Eat and Drink

Group Friendly Dining

Everybody has a seat at the table in Richardson! Whether you’re in town for a business trip, family reunion, or foodie get-together, these restaurants, food trucks, and top-notch catering companies are ready to serve you: 3 Dimensional Catering Catering, Variety 7 Sisters Gourmet Street Food…

Eat and Drink

The Best Chinese Restaurants

When you’re dining in Richardson, every bite is an immersion into another world. So we’re breaking down the top fan-favorite Chinese restaurants in Richardson. Get ready for anything but your regular-ole Chinese takeout. Kicking things off with Jeng Chi. Since opening their doors in 1990,…

Eat and Drink

14 International Food Destinations

Leave your passports at home because the only thing you’ll need for a trip around the world is an empty stomach. Richardson is home to cuisines from coast to coast (and then some) with premier restaurants serving up authentic flavors you’ll love. In fact, Eater…

Eat and Drink

Best Foodie City in Texas

In Richardson, we wear the title of Best Foodie City in Texas with a big smile and a full stomach. Named one of the “best foodie cities” by in 2020, Richardson ranked number 33 out of 314 eligible cities—the first on the list to…