Experience Richardson like a true local in the city’s Core District. Richardson’s historic downtown district is getting a major facelift—a multimillion-dollar facelift, to be exact. Located just east of U.S. 75, the once-bustling Main Street business district is being revitalized to bridge the city’s roots with its modern amenities. Transforming into a walkable, pedestrian-friendly area, the reimagined district will feature modern restaurants and trendy retail alongside residential apartments and townhouses. Grab a bite to eat al fresco style in the district’s shaded seating areas overlooking public art exhibits like the metal sculpture piece “Rising Star” and a soothing water sculpture. In this perfect blend of tradition meets modern, you’re sure to get lost in the food, fun, and shops of Richardson’s newest urban oasis.

For more information, including development updates, please visit https://www.cor.net/departments/development-services/comprehensive-planning/enhancement-redevelopment/main-street.

Main Street District
S Greenville Ave & E Main St
Richardson, TX 75081